Corrugated Paper-board and Box


Corrugated fiberboard and box are the largest proportion at the packaging materials we use, their performance have a direct impact on the package's protection ability. The failure carton may lead to severe deformation, cracking, stacking leaned and even collapsed. We all hope that our end-products can be reached to the customer intact after a series of uncertain circulation environment. This is not only the evaluation on product performance, it's also the challenge for carton's physical properties, while a perfect external packaging make your product more accessible to customers, so the pre-delivery testing is especially important. The most important testing significance of several parameters of corrugated fiberboard and box are as follows:

Bursting Strength:

Affect the side support strength of corrugated box. Bursting strength evaluate board that per unit area can bear the increased maximum pressure value, the test is to examine the box withstand a static partial extrusion capacity in the actual transportation environment.

Edge Compressive Strength:

Directly affect the support strength of corrugated box. Corrugated box bear the gravity mainly by its flutes, this test is the best way to assess the strength of flutes.  Compressive strength:




Test Item

Corrugated Paper-board and Box

Bursting Strength             Compressive Resistance

Edgewise Crush Resistance      Thickness

Flat Crush Resistance          Moisture Content

Ply Adhesive Strength         Corrugated fiberboard

Puncture Strength            Corrugated box