Paper and Paper-board


Paper and cardboard can be divided into many types according to purpose: processing raw paper, wrapping paper, writing paper, printing paper, newsprint, technical paper, household paper, etc.. Because of different uses, people's demand for the performance of each type of paper or cardboard is different, the focus on the evaluation is also different. TTS can provide your products the comprehensive testing services for physical properties and optical properties.



Test Item

 Paper and Paper-board

Grammage              Moisture Content   

Air permeance         Thickness          

Dry heat treatment     Softness

Tensile strength      Brightness       

Water Absorption      Bursting Strength

Opacity               Capillary rise 

Tearing Resistance      Transparent

Corrugating medium     Smoothness 

Brightness             Liner board

Folding endurance Ring    Crush  Strength