Address:Block 18A,NO,1 Guanlong Industrial Zone,Xili,Nanshan District,Shenzhen,China.

Telephone: 0755-86114499
FAX: 0755-86114466
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Platform: nine auspicious ridge east Tsim Sha Tsui station, initiated the hospital, hospital station, new xili around the village station
Line: 101 road 226 road 316 road 325 road 325 road B 326 road 332 road line M345 road 382 road 392 road N5 road 66 road 67 road 104 road M203 road 237 road 240 road B604 road B736 road B796 road 797 road B797 N8 E19 way way way way way way 19 36 43 49 road 54 road 74 road 81 road 233 road 235 road M243 road M299 road M369 road 370 road B708 road B814 road E17 road 122 road M385 road


Location: Block 18A,NO,1 Guanlong Industrial Zone,Xili,Nanshan District,Shenzhen,China.

Nearby buildings: shenzhen institute of technology of profession, new wai prosperous siu-tong industrial zone, and the judge dragon courtyard


Line: subway line 5 (loop line)-xili station
Guide: take the subway line 5, to stand xili, from "F" export out of the western go straight 200 meters turn right go 366 street, then cross the road walk toward the north high road, go straight 400 m to control box can arrive