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TTS “The Significance of Packaging Management During Logistics” Tribune

Packaging is not only in the process of the most basic unit, also has the equipment in the protection products, convenient transportation, logistics to improve the efficiency of the important task. Therefore, the good packaging not only need to take into account the cost of packaging and product safety, also should consider the logistics cost and efficiency.【details】

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The children furniture general technology conditions

In recent years, more and more families purchase children furniture for children, children's furniture market therefore become a piece of furniture industry "new continent". However, as the children furniture is popular, more and more quality, safety problems emerged.【details】


2012 will be the starting point of the medium

needs stable growth: China's paper industry is a production and consumption in the home, raw materials in the foreign market, this paper makes the main see domestic consumption, the change of the foreign consumption of paper influence is relatively weak;【details】