Vibation test

This test is simulatedsimulating vibration during transported, installated and operating, it can help us to determinationconfirm of the ability of of product to endure and encountered various vibration effects. There are two common vibration Testing methods aremost commonly used modes of vibration can be divided into two kinds of sinusoidal vibration and random vibration. Sinusoidal vibration is often used test method more frequent in laboratory which simulated the vibration of rotation, pulse, vibration (in ships, aircraft, vehicle and spacecraft). And used for product structure analysis of resonance frequencey and dwelled at resonance frequencye this kind of test can be divided twointo kinds of sweep vibration and fixed vibration. The strict level for test is determatedined by frequencye range, displacement and dwell time. Random vibration simulates the transporting environment of vibration resistance of complete product structure or packaged products. The testing level is determined by frequency range, Grms, duration and axis.


TTS laboratory has two different sizes of large vibration table (the biggest vibration table in Southern China) and small vibration table. We provide testing service for you based on your products.


Test standard for reference

MIL-STD-202,EIA-364-28,GB/T 2423.10,IEC 60068-2-6,GB/T 2423.56,IEC 60068-2-64 etc.