Mechanical shock Test


The life period of Productsconsumed products in the life cycle is usually underwent shock in two ways, One byresulted from transport road bumps/loose cargothe bumps with the ground and jump on the bumpy road when transported or carried by somebody or careless handling of the falling ground.another Forfrom handheld products (such as mobile phones) in the buffer were not been subjected to drop impact protection of the product more dangerouswhich is more dangerous to fall on ground without any cushion protection. We can make use of impact test to check Products used in the design phase to quickly verify product’s structural strength level fast, or determinejudge whether  there is adequate the packing material have the proper effect of buffering buffer. Stringent level for test depends on the waveform, G level, pulse time, the impact times.

In our daily life, we can usually use  there are half-sine wave, square wave and final peak saw-tooth wave. Test with unpacking products,And usually test should be start with unpacked product, also  generally take three-axis and six sides, and each side impact three timesthree times for each side as the main specifications.



Reference Test StandardTest standard for reference


GB/T 2423.5IEC 60068-2-27MIL-STD-202GEIA-364-27 etc.