Drop Test


This test is used to simulate the unpackeding / packedaging product meeting shock during the transport or operating for, investigatinged ability of product against accidental shocks. Usually drop height should be based on product weight and the probability fall rate of falling probability as a reference standard, dProduct should drop upon a concrete, smooth and hard rigid surface( we should follow the client if any other special requirement from product specification or client)rop surface should be concrete or smooth, hard rigid  surface be made of by steel(For special requests should be specifications or customer specifications to determine testing). For different international regulation, same weight products has not the same drop heightproducts have the same weight but the different drop height. For most of hand-held products(such as mobile phone,MP3,etc), the most falldrop  height betweenis usually betwee100cm ~ 150cm, IEC suggested that thefor hand-held products( 2kg) ,fallshould not be damaged height is after100cm  drop,can not damaged, MIL recommended fall height is 122cm, and Intel recommended fall height is 150cm. Stringent level for test depends on drop height, drop number, drop direction.


Reference Test StandardTest standard for reference:

GB/T 2423.8ISTAIEC60068-2-32GB-T4857.5 etc



Max. Load: 500kg

Max. Height: 1000mm