Ultraviolet Weather Resistance Test

The sun's ultraviolet rays usually cause the materials damage. Using an ultravioletlampto simulateshort-wave ultravioletpartinthesun, it producesvery littlevisible or infraredspectral energy. Dependingontheoperating environmentortesting requirements, we canselectdifferent wavelengths ofUV lamp, while the condensation and water spray system can reproducetheeffectsofrain anddewcondensation.

The main factors of causing the material to be agedis the sunlight andmoisture, material aging includingsfading, loss of light,strengthreduction, cracking, flaking, chalking,  oxidationandso on. Artificial lighttest is toverifytheanti-light aging of thematerialby simulating the sunlight, moisture andtemperature which effect to the material. A few hours or even days test may reproduce the damage which caused by a few months or years outdoors.


Test Standard

GB/T16585-1996, GB14522-93



Equipment Parameter

 Equipment Model: ZN-P

Temperature Range: RT=1070

HumidityRange: ≥90%RH

UV Lamp Wavelength: 280nm380nm

Standard Specimen Holder: 75*150(mm)

Time Setting Range: 19999S/M/H