Xenon-lamp Weather Resistance Test


Xenon-lamp Weather Resistance Test is also called Solar Radiation Test. It’s an environment test by simulating the conditions of Earth's surface solar radiation to evaluate the adaptability of the product which is exposed to that radiation conditions.  

The xenon arc lamp, of all radiation light sources, its output spectrum is the nearest to the natural sunlight.



Test Standard

ISO 4892.2-2006, GB/T 16422.2-1999, ASTM G 155-2005, ASTM D 4459-2006



Equipment Parameter

Equipment Model: SN-512F

Xenon Lamp Power: 6KW

Illumination Cycle: 09999h99min

Wavelength: 290nm800nm, Irradiance: 550W/m2

Internal Dimension: 950*950*850mm

Temperature Range: RT±10℃±80℃

Humidity Range: 60%95%RH