Stacking/Compression Test

This test is used toverifythe packaging state, to check the compressive strength of the packaged-product throughsimulatingthestorage in storehouse or transportation, inspect the protection function during bearing a vertical pressure for a certain period. The test level depends on the pressure value,theloading speedand stackingtime.


Two types of compression test:

a. Static compression: Simulate when the packaged-product stacked in the pallet, with a certain load for a certain period, check the deformation of carton, whether will affect the appearance and function of inner products.

b. Dynamic compression: Increase the force gradually, check the deformation whether beyond the restriction, in order to know the max compressive strength the packaged-product can withstand.


GB/T 4857.3 ISO 2234GB/T 4857.4ISO 12048ASTM D642