Packing test is packaging design the indispensable part of, it is not only the means of safety evaluation packaging, more important is to optimize packaging structure, control the packaging cost approach. Therefore, reasonable packaging test methods and packaging test program can be accurately the effective management of the packaging design, control the packaging cost.

At present, the domestic most enterprise USES the standard for testing the packaging industry association or foreign well-known enterprise standards, the test of foreign circulation environment of level pertinence is very strong. Along with the development of our economy, a lot of products in domestic circulation also frequently, if we are still at the this kind of standard tests, these standards for products in domestic circulation environment the applicability of the problem will soon exposed. So even if the design of our packaging process is very perfect, but excessive packing and less packaging still common.

Therefore, to establish appropriate to the packaging of test plan, or to create their own enterprise standards is our perfect our bag turned an important step in the management. We through the domestic and international test standard packing the collection, on the part of transport routes of circulation environment practical measurement, for your product customised packing test plan. We will further perfect our country circulation environment of measurement, created a more perfect domestic circulation environment data system.